14th of May 2014 - Update 0.7 beta

This is not a big update, but it’s important because game now in beta.
There still a lot of work to do, but now I’m starting a campain to get Fancy Skulls greenlit so I could place it on Steam in Early Access and make some money to live on.
Fancy Skulls 0.7 beta trailer

- fixed some bugs
- fixed hound unlock not inlocking
- fixed greedy eye not having any icon at all
- fixed some objects not being seen in the corner of the screen from certain angles when standing really close
- preventing player from falling into void indefinitely

- added 1 new enemy
- added “accurate hits return bullets in cylinder” mod
- added sounds for enemies deaths

- changed description of a revolver mod to “jump to add single bullet to cylinder” so it is clear that it does not synergies with mod that gives double damage to a shot after reload

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