3rd of June 2014 - Update 0.7.1

- updated start screen, it now looks better
- removed greenlight link from menu, as Fancy Skulls now in top 50 on Greenlight
- added back forum link
- added promt to “exit” option

- fixed menu not displaying if game was launched on bigger secondary monitor, and then launched on a monitor with smaller resolution
- fixed challenges actually unlocking on level 4 instead of level 3

- added two ambient tracks

14th of May 2014 - Update 0.7 beta

This is not a big update, but it’s important because game now in beta.
There still a lot of work to do, but now I’m starting a campain to get Fancy Skulls greenlit so I could place it on Steam in Early Access and make some money to live on.
Fancy Skulls 0.7 beta trailer

- fixed some bugs
- fixed hound unlock not inlocking
- fixed greedy eye not having any icon at all
- fixed some objects not being seen in the corner of the screen from certain angles when standing really close
- preventing player from falling into void indefinitely

- added 1 new enemy
- added “accurate hits return bullets in cylinder” mod
- added sounds for enemies deaths

- changed description of a revolver mod to “jump to add single bullet to cylinder” so it is clear that it does not synergies with mod that gives double damage to a shot after reload

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31st of March 2014 - Update 0.6.3


- 4 revolver mods
- mortar mod - shoot grenade in the air to strike enemies with multipe lightnings

- buffed robert (rotating turrel)
- removed bonus time level completion mechanics for now
- changed the way levels generate and level transitions work
- changed mortar mod “fullly charge shots doesn’t spend ammo” to “fully charged shot gives grenade back” to clear confusion when ammo saved by fishing hook
- changed robert debris so they won’t be able to hide coins and pickups
- some design tweaks to laser box enemy
- added visual cue to lasers when they worm up and don’t do damage
- laser enemy balancing
- removed keybindings for weapon slots 3 and 4

- fixed tara’s spheres not slowing down player if revolver is wielded
- fixed mortar mod adding more than max ammo
- fixed laser box enemy not doing any damage
- fixed some secret button positions
- fixed some items in shop being available for purchase eve if there’s not enough coins on player after purchase of another item
- fixed typo in “quick”
- fixed some secret buttos hovering in the air
- fixed some pathfinding issues with ramps and rudolphs

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22nd of March 2014 - Update 0.6.2

- model for a laser mini-sentry
- when room is cleared “crowns” will be shown indicating if damage was taken, was there misses, and if it was quick
- 3 revolver mods
- 1 shotgun mod
- added sounds for shells hitting ground
- 5 more room layouts
- added 1 eye item

- polished some old layouts
- when no upgrade charges left in shop “reset” will add ability to choose one more instead of doing nothing
- colors and textures on a different levels
- alternative weapon now can be swapped in the same manner as eye items
- mannie mines will now do critical damage to him and other enemies on explosion
- ghost now teleports on taking damage
- upgrades now cost more
- some color tweaks
- changed the way teleport works slightly
- chest in a treasure room will now face the entrance
- fixed stanley’s neck hitbox
- changed design of masa

- fixed bug when gambling machine was still active even after it should be closed
- fixed some problems with pathfinding
- fixed critical spot not working for charlie
- fixed critical spot for tree-looking enemy
- fixed some hud positioning
- fixed tara being model appear squished

3rd of March 2014

Update 0.6.1 - Nicer colors- Changed some colors and some enemy designs- Redone shop’s UI on a NGUI, now it looks and feels better- Gambling machines now can be playe a limited amount of games- Replaced Random Gun unlock with Random Eye unlockLeave feedback: http://forum.fancyskulls.comHow to get latest version: the game:

Update 0.6.1 - Nicer colors
- Changed some colors and some enemy designs
- Redone shop’s UI on a NGUI, now it looks and feels better
- Gambling machines now can be playe a limited amount of games
- Replaced Random Gun unlock with Random Eye unlock

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22nd of February 2014 - Update 0.6 Give Them Lasers

Update 0.6 Give Them Lasers
- 4 new enemy types
- visual tweaks
- balance tweaks
- dynamic difficulty
- separate shops for upgrades and items
- player can only carry 2 weapons at once now
- choose from 3 weapon mods at the shops
- Rudolph now can only be heard from a certain distance
- lines object that triggered spawn don’t go to every egg


16th of January 2014 - Update 0.5.2 - Faster Loading

This update makes loading levels much faster thanks to some code optimization and switching pathfinding solution. Other changes are less significant, but in the next update I plan to focus on making game more exciting and improving balance and dynamics of a game.

- added shotgun mod “walk backwards to regenerate ammo”
- sound for picking up eye
- 3d models for matchbox, rattle, marked card and pin

- levels now load much faster
- changed amount of levels and rooms on each level
- clearing a room now will boost mana regeneration for a small period of time
- alchemist’s eye tweaks to prevent transforming some objects into same objects
- flamethrower now will damage objects
- jumping now will regenerate mana as well as walking
- reset and random upgrade options now have a chance of appearing in a vending machine instead of always being available
- slightly nerfed ray gun
- coins now will spawn in front of coin slot machine

bug fixes
- fixed interaction failing sometimes with chest
- fixed jump speed not changing after picking up wheel
- removed “caged crystal” item
- fixed shotgun mod “no reloading when not on full health” not working
- fixed fireball spell not aiming properly
- fixed game losing focus in windowed mode on after level loading
- fixed mana regenerating too quickly
- some more minor fixes

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1st of January 2014 - update 0.5.1

- fixed some weapon names displayed incorrectly at the shops
- fixed enemy projectiles and some objects spawning at very small size and not getting bigger
- fixed some enemies seeing through walls
- fixed weapon switching too fast to previous weapon if it has no ammo, preventing scrolling trough weapons
- fixed damage arrow not fading away slowly
- fixed not showing popups after level change
- fixed some enemies seeing through walls
- fixed some revolver upgrades
- fixed a case when after starting a game with custom build and then starting a normal game it would still start with previous build
- fixed some typos and wrong names (I forgot to fix typo in Alchemist’s Eye name, though)
- fixed cannon “follow crosshair” mod
- possible fix for a case when enemy projectiles and other objects would not scale up
- corrected coins position around gambling machine

- less resources in a bonus chest
- at least one mobile enemy will spawn in a room

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Happy New Year!

24th of December 2013 - Update 0.5 - Sound And Vision

- lowered conditions for unlocking stating builds
- changed color palette for enemies
- redone HUD using NGUI plugin which make it a bit faster and easier to make it prettier
- ability will remind when it’s available to use in HUD by animation
- HUD popups now more readable and stack
- some visual tweaks

- new eye - random mod
- three new items
- added random mod option to the shop which costs one key
- few fore weapon mods
- x hits in a row gives y mods changed so shooting mines or enemy projectiles will not reset it
- added effect for shots that do double damage similar to crit effect
- added effect of connection from object that triggered spawn to eggs
- new sounds for enemies, items, eyes, etc
- music?
- procedural shattering of enemies, which means they will shatter differently every time
- few floor textures
- rudimentary controller support - you can bind keys and use it in-game, no menu navigation. default binings for 360 controller, you might need to reset keybindings to default to get it working

- possible fix for beam at the end of the level not working
- fixed performance issues after opening bonus chest at the start of the level
- pathfinding issues in certain rooms
- fixes for ray gun mods
- some minor fixes

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2nd of December 2013

Pay what you want for Fancy Skulls on IndieGameStand!

From 2 to 5 of December

1st of December 2013

Another first impression video, by Marly

(version 0.4.1)

1st of December 2013

First impressions by lukenuetzmann

(version 0.4.1)

26th of November 2013 - Update 0.4.1 “Shells”

Because 0.4 contained critical bug, here is 0.4.1 in the same day already!

- fixed bug where it was not possible to die and progress to the next level
- added bonus for completing level quickly
- added empty shells for reveolver, smg and shotgun
- fixed mod for flamethrower “cook items for fuel” not working
- ammo will not be picked up when carriyng maximum amount of that ammo type

25th of November 2013 - Update 0.4 “Screenshake”

- screenshake effect added when firing some weapons, to explosions and when player gets hit
- added 6 enemy types
- added 2 items
- threasure chest will always contain weapon on a first floor, eye on a second
- shop in a exit rooms on first and second floors
- first floor is slightly easier than second
- some enemy projectiles can’t be destroyed by shooting
- flames destroy any enemy projectile
- reworked room layouts
- room walls on a same floor have slight brighness/saturation variations
- few more weapon mods
- spyglass item now will work as soon as it’s picked up and will show enemy silhouettes instead of names, which can be seen through obstacles
- mannie’s mines are no longer explode from first revolver shot, but pushed away
- added keybinding for taking screenshots, which are stored in game’s folder
- displaying slot number and max ammo by pressing tab for carried weapons
- optimizations
- balance
- bugs fixed
- some things tweaked

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